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Wholesale information for resellers, retailers or distributors wishing to conduct business with Freya Amber Jewellery about buying directly in bulk at wholesale pricing.

Freya Amber Jewellery has been creating quality amber jewelry for retailers, resellers and distributors for more than 15 years. On the course of those years, Freya Amber Jewellery has developed strong relationships with raw material suppliers in Ukraine, Russia among others to ensure our customers benefit from competitive prices.

What makes Freya Amber Jewellery designs so special is the care that is taken to ensure that they are unique, inspirational and just popular. Freya Amber Jewellery is supplier to countless resellers and retailers around the world, mainly located in the North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and New Zealand but with strong business in the South American market as well.

Freya Amber Jewellery wholesale collection includes amber necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, rosaries, japamala, fashionable beads, amber decorations, for pets and other amber products. You will be able to find amber jewellery creations that are cost effective and popular with your own customers.

When you display jewellery from Freya Amber Jewellery in your own store you can be rest assured that our service, high quality products and our lowest price guarantee will support your business and help you move forward.

Why join our Wholesale Program

1. You can buy our goods at competitively low VIP prices, this is the lowest price possible for Wholesalers.

2. You get preferential customer service. Whenever you access the customer service department, your sales representative will assist you without delay.

3. You get faster shipping. Tell your sales representative what you are selling and we will buy more stock for you in order to ship your order in 24 hours.

Who can join our program

Anyone who buys on a regular basis is able to join our Wholesale Program. In order to be eligible for the program and enjoy this higher level of service along with better prices you must first be a member and have bought from us already.

How do I join your Wholesale Program?

Simply register an account with us at the Freya Amber Jewellery website. Afterwards, contact and let us know how you will work with us. For example, the total number of orders and also the transaction value. We will review the information and give you a discount. You will then be able to get wholesale prices.

● Order over Eur 500 get a total 5% discount

● Order over Eur 1000 get a total 10% discount

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